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Positive Action Program

Positive Action Program

Imagine what a classroom would be like if all the students had a good self-concept, took responsibility for their own behavior, were able to resist negative pressures, make positive choices, solve problems and get along with others...

Positive Action is all about improving each student's self-concept and teaching students to learn, evaluate, and apply lessons on feeling good about themselves.  Through Positive Action lessons, your children will be learning why and how to do positive things.

Positive Action lessons are scoped and sequenced and have been tested extensively in the classroom.  Most students respond immediately to the stories, activities, discussions, and challenges.  Children are naturally curious to understand themselves, and they want to believe in their own abilities.  A program that goes beyond telling them they can achieve, and actually helps them develop their personal and interpersonal skills, is exciting to them.

Positive Action helps to reinforce principles taught at home to help children develop as healthy, self-motivated, self-confident young people.

Parents should understand that their children will be bringing home activity sheets and occasional home assignments.  These are sometimes designed to involve the parents.  Positive Action never undermines the authority of the parents, and in fact, can be a substantial help in increasing family understanding and communication.

Should a parent question the value or purposes of the program, they should take a look at teachers' manuals, activity sheets, and posters.  In most cases, a concerned parent becomes a core of support.