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 Paws stands for �Parents Active With Students�. It is a group, open to all parent volunteers, which help with and encourage K-2 students at Park. The organization has several roles at Park. The main goal of PAWS is to get parent involvement in the school to support 1st the students, 2nd the teachers, and 3rd all school personnel. The group has several annual projects and is working to do more every year as support grows.


 Projects include:


 a) Teacher Appreciation Week - a week long event praising our teachers.  Donations are gathered from the community and surrounding area and drawings are held each day.  Every teacher wins a gift.


b) Student Appreciation Week - very similar to Teacher Week only it is to praise the children for their hard work. There is usually a special activity planned for each day of the week, such as extra recess, hat day, etc.


 PAWS helps each year with the Cookie Dough distribution as well.




 We are always open to new ideas.  We constantly look for ways to improve our group to help the students and the school.

These are my kids, your kids, and OUR future.  The investment we put in them today will mean a better world for everyone tomorrow.