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Student Of The Week

Student of the week 
We are on the outlook for Students of the Week.  Some of the behavior we would like to use to judge
this is:
Pledge Behavior
Being prepared for class
Good work habits
Good attitude
Good behavior or improvement in behavior
Following the rules
Staying on green all week

We would like the teachers to come to an agreement each Friday on a student from that grade to
receive the award:
(Kindergarten teachers choose a kindergarten student, First grade teachers choose a first grade student,
Second grade teachers choose a second grade student.  Support staff can tell the teachers if there is one
student they feel deserve the award)

The students will be announced on Monday morning in the cafeteria before school begins.

Here is a list of current winners of this award.

Students of the Week
October 21
James Newman  Hayden Bass  Kailyn Bland
October 28
Landon Berry  Nolen Cagle  Charlie Ermert
November 4
Jeffrey Battles  Landon Lucas  Ava Goodman

November 11

Wyatt Eddington  Lexi Hill  Camden Hudson

November 18

 Rhett Eddington  Ma'kell Bray  Amber Jo Lane

November 25

Thanksgiving Week

December 2

Cannon Cummings  Austin Johnson  Ellie Russom

December 9

Misty Turrentine  Jayden Brickley  Emily Alexander

December 16

Destiny Leonard  Jaxon McGrew  Logan Edington

January 13

Alicia James  Karlie Lane  Bradley Battles

January 20

Kenzie Blanchard  Ashlee Hoylman  Olivia Stormes