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Planet X

  • Fixing Fuel Cells
  • Exploring Earthquakes
  • Monitoring Energy Use
  • Decoding
  • Debriefing The Crew

The Arkansas Discovery Network, funded with a 7 million dollar grant
by Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, visited the sixth grade students at
Central Elementary with their museum on wheels, The Search For
Planet X. The 6th grade science classes were dispatched to a newly
discovered Planet "X" to gather geologic samples, map the planetary
surface, and search for signs of life. The students were put into teams
and worked together to complete the mission. The interactive exhibit
on wheels was to extend each child's engineering skills while being
correlated to the Sixth Grade Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks in the
science, math, and language arts areas. Mission specialists Derrick and
Captain Nick directed the students and Science teacher Mrs. Marcy
Selig through the mission.